International Alliance of Journalists
What's the Alliance ?
What's the Alliance ?

The International Alliance of journalists works on the responsibility of journalists and the media’s responsibility towards society.

Created in 2004, the association is composed of independent regional poles in different zones of the world :


Their works are contemplated on “ACTIVITIES BY ZONE”.

Its main themes deal with : Practice of the profession, Professional ethics, Quality of information, Media regulation, Journalism training, Transmission of journalism, Media pluralism, Economic models of media, Media and Justice, Media and Democracy, RSE des médias. Its main purpose is the promotion of ideas and proposals, and the enrichment of methods.

The International Alliance of journalists is first and foremost a constructive space, promoting exchange, dialogue, and the sharing of experiences. Its goal is to create a base of collective knowledge and power to help influence journalistic practices.

Open to all information practitioners and their public, the alliance is a long term process set up to present concrete proposals in order to make possible a more responsible, ethical and quality practice of journalism.

Published on 2 March 2011
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