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Journalism ecucation, journalists education

by Bertrand Verfaillie

The three booklets published in 2009 deals with journalism education: initial and continuing formation (this booklet), the study of ethics and some examples of the formation provided in the world .

Whether journalism was born in France with Theophraste Renaudot in the 17 th century, whether the practice of journalism has become a proper profession for several centuries, the idea that one can train and learn to be a journalist is much more recent. The first school opened in 1924 in Lille (France); they are counted in tens today.

The initial training was primarily created to offer an alternative to what is called the « learning by doing » , it claims not to have the only function of answering the needs of press companies.

Continuing training aimed at maintaining and updating skills and practises of working professionals, but is not fully used, most often because of time.To the everlasting question « should the journalists be trained ? », the answer would be «the cost of ignorance is much higher that the one of training».

Published on 26 August 2009
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